Saturday, 23 November 2013


Shots I took for my 4D project some time ago.
I probably also posted these on my blog last time but let's post these again because Dorororo is new!
I wanted to do a happy post.

But. I went to church today for the first time in probably more than a month.
And all I felt inside my head was a mess.
And these pictures could pretty much sum up what I thought during the whole thing.
I won't dwelve into that any further but I guess I could say that I feel much happier after I've distanced and removed myself from stuff I used to be really involved in.

And it also got me thinking about how most people are basically really screwed in the mind.
Anyway, my writing is too rusty to come up with anything substantial.
To end on a less sombre note, I basically want to live my life being carefree with my Sar and migrating to UK to get a little cottage with quaint little rooms and open a small bakery beside a flower shop, selling cupcakes and cookies and cakes with buttercream rosettes.
And decorating rad wedding cakes for barn and garden weddings (oh my have you seen those? They are the cutest and prettiest little weddings).

Oh, and I also want a bathtub in my future home.
Because I really hate standing for a shower.
And because I need to buy all the Bath Ballistics from Lush.

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