Monday, 6 January 2014

What are friends for?

Occasionally, I wonder what my friends are for.
To help me pass my days in school more easily? Or to be there for me no matter what?
Genuine friends or not? I often wonder.

This post has been on my mind for most of December. I guess something just triggered this thought in my mind and being the over-thinker that I am, it has been in and out of my head for quite some time.
Through my life I haven't had the most friends and I haven't had the best of friends.
They come and go, they are sometimes used and thrown away, like condoms (pardon my crude analogy).
When it comes to human interaction, nothing is certain and anything is quite possible.
I wouldn't have expected to make friends in just the first semester of school.

But as we all know, friends find it hard to stay as we grow older and move along in our lives.
Which leads me to wonder if anyone would stay in my life as I find my way in life.
I have seen so many endings to friendships simply because they didn't cherish each other enough.
People just don't bother/ don't care/ the friendship probably dies off. How sad is that.

Maybe people, in this day and age have grown to be less bothered about relationships and friendships.
Maybe it has been like this all along? I don't know.
Maybe we just have too many connections (cyber and non-cyber) that we cannot be bothered/are too lazy/too busy to keep up with the same people over and over again.
But there's no such thing as too busy.
You don't find time, you make time. Has human interaction become so frivolous and meaningless?
Not in my case, at least.
I don't want meaningless relationships/friendships, and I'm very thankful for the lasting friendships I have forged and will forge.

I know you can never fully grasp a person, but you can try.
Trying is putting in effort.
And to put in effort is something powerful in any friendship or relationship.
Good and true friends are few and far between.
All I wish is for all of us to keep trying.

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