Monday, 24 February 2014

D + S

Photo by Sadrina

So 3 of us went out the other day on a photo excursion.
I intended to get photos for my assignment and some photos of random stuff and also of Sar & I.
Anyway, I should explain that this photo was kind of spontaneous but re-enacted.
We didn't know how to pose so I just randomly said "let's dig our nose" and we did just that.
But after doing so I realised how dumb I look and laughed it off.
Sadrina asked us to do it again and she took this photo.

I guess this photo can represent our relationship in a lot of ways.
And my posture is as natural as it gets because I like laying my elbow on other people (because most of them are taller than me).
The letters and the heart just put such a personal touch (thank you Sadrina) to the photo.
Also my waist does not look big here so all is well (nothing else matters hahahaha).
And Sar will be glad all his work in the gym paid off (the biceps la the biceps la bulging la bulging ok).

Still have many photos to edit and STUPID things to draw.
I will update soon!

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