Wednesday, 12 February 2014


So this song has been on my mind sporadically.

Someone shared it on Facebook. Out of curiosity, I listened to it and fell in love.

This song is beautiful and so is her voice.

What's even better? It's live.

So anyway after slowly forgetting it the first time, I came across it in my Youtube feed again.


It is a Christian song.

I don't listen to worship songs nowadays but this just got to me.

A lot of the worship songs I love have beautifully-written lyrics and very harmonious chords that gel very well and emit a sense of peace and adoration.

Just downloaded this and it'll probably be my go-to song for the next few weeks or so.

I've been struggling with anything religious for a while now but sometimes I still get teary whilst listening to some of them.

I guess a part of me still wants to take a leap of faith because the idea of belief has been so close to my heart for probably as long as I can remember.

But there are questions and doubts still.

I don't think I will find any answers in my lifetime but I hope I will find peace with all this one day.

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