Friday, 23 May 2014

The streets of Taiwan

I've finally finished editing and picking out my photos.
This post just comprises of photos of the streets and night markets that I went to in Taiwan.
This is where all the good food is at.
And also many persistent and persuasive shop owners.
And the reason why I'm determined to get healthier after I've gotten back.

Editing these have also been quite therapeutic because I hardly deal with these kind of shots.
But seeing it come alive with post-processing has been most rewarding.

I'll post the rest up in a bit.
Meanwhile, I'm up for a job interview on Monday.
A flexible, part-time job would be ideal and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
The thought about whether I should work this holiday has brought about mixed feelings.
Yes, I'm lazy. But I'm reluctant to work not because of that.
I could do with extra cash but I just find it so pointless.

Maybe my life has come to a point where I have become directionless.
I don't know.

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