Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Because today is a good hair day, and I'm really bored at home.
Exposing my bare face to the world, hell yes!
And also giving you an update on how my hair looks like now.
Still undecided on whether to go all the way and bleach the fuck out of my whole head.

I had the most intense night yesterday.
I was starving but I kept trying to suppress it by trying to sleep.
Didn't work, I was up almost the whole night.
My mind and heart are at their lowest right now, I will say this.
Trying to live with certain things is not easy.
It is hard. It is tough as fuck.
But I'm so thankful for the friends whom I have confided in.
Thank you for supporting me and my (stupid) decisions.

I know I should have one less problem to deal with now.
It wasn't even my problem in the first place.
But you can't help but compare $30 with Tiffany.

Nonetheless, don't stop having faith.
Because it might just kill you inside.

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