Monday, 25 August 2014

Life is throwing rocks at me.

This is one of the times I have so much doubt in myself it is damaging.
I am torn between who I want to be and who I am supposed to be.
A good student, an artist, a photographer, a writer, and the list goes on.
It seems like I cannot be all these simultaneously and it is killing me.
Perhaps my mind cannot handle academic rigour as much as I thought it could.

Uni has made me question so many things that I never thought would cross my mind.
I guess this is part of growing up.
I guess I need to sort out my goals in life, I need direction, I need flow.
In the end we are all conforming to a certain standard -  to our tutor's expectations, to our peers, like how we behave and interact with each other.
We are all seeking affirmation.

We are all merely seeking approval from the world around us.

Because only with this affirmation and approval do we go forward.
When will I feel the affirmation I have for myself is enough?

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