Thursday, 13 November 2014

Faceless Portraits

Part of the series I did on Simin for my final assignment in Digital Darkroom.
A lot of the time, people tell me works should engage in a deeper emotional level, or should have certain depth and symbolic significance.
But to me, sometimes your work is merely a visual representation of what goes on in your head, something that you imagine out or see, with no further explanation or clearly deep thought.
Or no philosophical meaning behind it.
Some things just are.

And a lot of the times, I realise I like doing these kinds of 'visual vomit'- things that I cannot really account for.
Things that you have to engage with by yourself and with your own mind, and not with whatever I'm telling you it is about.

I am quite sick of doing things to please others, it is tiring and it just dampens your passion so much more.
So I implore all of you to do what you want, to follow your heart and soul.

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