Friday, 16 January 2015

Stephen & Pearlynn

Pearlynn is an old friend from back in secondary school and recently I reached out to her to see whether she was interested in a photoshoot collaboration thingamajig since she models occasionally.
I am also very eager on delving into couple/wedding/bridal photography so I offered to photograph her boyfriend and her.

The weather was definitely not fantastic as it was the cloudy/rainy/no sunshine period and we had to work around that.
Because of this, I also didn't get many shots on my film camera. Maybe next time, or for the next couple! I can't wait to do an analog couple shoot.
If there are no takers, I'd probably even do a series for myself and Bregy.

Anyhow, it was such a fun shoot because Stephen is quite the chatty funny guy and Pearlynn constantly looks happy, glowy and very amused (thanks to him).
I am looking forward to photographing more people so fingers crossed for more opportunities to come!

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