Sunday, 1 March 2015

Hello, March.

Stray cat I saw at an abandoned balcony.
The cat's expression resonates so much with me and the week called 'recess week' when there is no recess whatsoever because I have to go back to school and do loads of work.
In essence, I am taking a break from school to do more school work.

This month also marks my birthday month; I turn 21 this year.
The great 21st birthday.
But after thinking it through and through, I am completely satisfied and happy with time spent with close ones.
I think every girl wants a big ass girly party with all the attention on her, but I guess that is not my cup of tea right now. And it is not what I'm after.

The people who actually give a shit will suffice.

That said, today marks another milestone in my relationship thus far.
I have not said much because it hits too close to home and perhaps it is better that way.
We have put each other through so much and learnt so much.
And eventually, we will find our way.

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