Sunday, 28 June 2015

Never forget

People make mistakes.
Out of impulsiveness, irrationality, anger, and a need to escape.
Hopefully one day these wrongs will be made right.

To all the girls out there (and by girls, I really mean you're too young and unworldly, girls):

Please, please, please do not ever do something so impulsive and desperate that it would serve to humiliate, disrespect and break another woman.
Have some respect for yourself, the man you want so badly, and the woman who was involved.
Have some understanding at least for someone else OF THE SAME GENDER.

People are not your possessions, men are not your possessions.

He is not something that god gave you because you "so badly want to fall in love".
He is a person you come to understand.
He is someone you take glances at over the dinner table and wonder what he is thinking.
You wonder and you ask, you get to know him delicately and in detail.
People don't open up to you right away.
He is someone who will open your eyes to a new world: his world.
But at the same time, you should open his eyes to yours.
He is someone you take by surprise, like running naked into the shower.
He is someone you let you guard down with, be vulnerable with, and find strength in each other's arms and words.
He is someone you have a strange connection with, and it is unexplainable (and I'm not talking about puppy love).
He is someone who will slowly come to understand the nooks and crannies of your mind, how you function, how you work, how you think, how you feel, and what lies in your soul. And you are someone who should do the same.
He should be your best friend.
And for sure I know, you, girl, are not at that stage.

Men do not serve to make you happy and do not serve as objects to brag about.
In everything and especially in relationships like these, have some mutual understanding, have some discipline, and for fuck's sake have some self control.
If you can respect yourself so much to set boundaries with him, you can equally (or EVEN MORE) give me the same respect because I'm pretty sure I'm better than as good as you lol.

"The woman is a reflection of her man", you once sent me something that said this.
And you said that you'd do the same.

I pray that things will be made right again.
That people know that I am earned, and not granted to you like an angel that was dropped from the sky.
That you cannot stab me in the back, twist the knife, pull it out and tell me that I will have some time in the hospital to heal and get over it.
I know you did it out of exasperation, out of something that I know is not you, but it doesn't give you an excuse to deny it.
And I will help you, I will be there, but on my own terms now.
I am so much more than you can imagine.

You say you fight, but you gave up.
Fight for it. FIGHT.
Because I'm fighting every single day of my life.

My love, care and trust should be earned, and you better earn it.

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