Monday, 29 June 2015

When I mistook a wake up call for a soul mate

It has been such a hell of a ride trying to move past my pain.
Let's be honest, I can't let go.
But after talking to a friend for 3 hours yesterday, I realised I confused a wakeup call for a soulmate.
I was blinded by the good I thought I saw in you, because I always do.
I was blinded by it and I failed to see that I have to put myself first.

I wouldn't say you're not my soul mate, but my priorities were fucked up this time.
I matter most, and I will give myself the love that I deserve.
I have always tried to love everyone else, especially you.
I put you first, maybe I got ahead of myself, but I thought I put you first.

So really, fuck the rest.
I deserve the best. (lol rhymes)

I deserve someone who is not broken.
I don't want you now, not like this.
Not when you're flinging yourself to someone just because you had the chance.
And I know you will regret this, now or later, I don't know.
But you will regret this, and you will fix yourself before fixing someone else.

And at that time, I will always welcome you with open arms.

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