Wednesday, 15 July 2015

A lesson in Love.

Just felt like penning (typing) my thoughts down, which I do quite often in all the drafts the world will never get to see, and my iPhone notepad.

Through this whole breakup/ordeal, I have never felt so vulnerable.
My world felt like it was falling apart at the seams because I had grown into it so much.
Grown into its love, comfort and embrace.
I built a home in you.

I built a home in the way you smiled
I built a home in the sound of your heart beating when I laid on your chest
I built a home in the football matches we watched till late

I built a home in the love I thought we shared.

But through all these, I now have learned not to play with fire.
I have learnt that you should never build a home in someone.
Do not risk hurting yourself.
Because at the end of the day, the only person here for you is YOURSELF.
I had to be the one who let myself grow into love with you.
And I did that selflessly.

But I also had to be the one to fix the broken pieces of myself back together in the end.
I had to do it alone.
Maybe, maybe you had to do it too, but I doubt so since you're so happy with a new girlfriend now
(and doing long distance with her when that was the reason we broke up. wow).
It's funny how you told me that long distance wouldn't work.
Funny story. That just merely a week later you found the love of your life whom you're willing to go through the distance for.
What a noble thing love is lol.

I just hope you panic when you realise that you can never find me in anyone else you meet, not in any other woman.
My heart can only grow bigger, and I can only shine brighter.

We are the only people permanent in our own lives.
Don't forget that.
Treat yourself with kindness, love and respect.
But then again, I am nothing without the people who have built me up.
And for my friends, I am forever grateful.

And I hope one day I will build a home in someone again.
Someone who will build a home in me too.

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