Thursday, 2 July 2015

Injecting some colour

Some other random shots from the other day when I was shooting for the series.
I was unusually made up in fucking messy black eyeshadow and blood red lipstick so that called for some colour photographs.

featuring my uneven eyelids

rocking out to the music whilst I shoot

And in case you forget that I still smile:

Another reason for my happiness: I'm flying to Australia to travel with Chengyee on Saturday!!
Cannot, cannot wait to get out of this place and immerse myself in a new environment.
It's been too rough a month.

I'll be bringing my laptop so I'll be able to edit photos and post them on the go, as well as GET SOME INTERNET because we all really cannot live without the internet oh my goodness.
Still undecided how many cameras I should bring and which lens.
I'll be flying alone there and back so hopefully the people who sit beside me on the plane are nice.
I'm hoping for a nice handsome Australian guy hehe.

Praying for an eye-opening trip and for closures and some answers along the way.
Going to download some corny romance movies to give myself hope lol.

Love isn’t as black and white as we always want it to be. It isn’t simply present or absent. Love doesn’t need to be either thriving and passionate or lost and abandoned. There are an infinite number of in-between states that love could exist in, if we allowed it to. We simply fear the ambiguity of those states. We fear that we aren’t brave enough or big enough to fully take hold of them. We fear that we can’t handle the transformative process. What if it hurts too much to let love change its form?
And there’s no getting around it – it does hurt. There is nothing painless about falling out of romantic devotion. There is nothing simple about watching the person we once loved with our entire hearts move on and love somebody else. There is nothing easy about losing love in any form but that doesn’t mean that we have to lose it altogether. It takes willpower to cast someone we once loved out of our lives. It takes true, unadulterated strength to keep them in it.

It's just so typical of human nature to be selfish and to yearn for love.
Something to think about, for myself and some of you out there.
I'm still trying to figure out what happened.
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