Friday, 10 July 2015

Melbourne #2

Hehe I'm so late because we landed in Cairns yesterday morning and went hunting for snorkelling tours right away!
I feel relieved leaving Melbourne because I won't have to be in the cold and dressing like a dumpling anymore, but at the same time, the city is so accessible and the food has been the best.
Even the macarons have been better than Singapore's.
Photo spam ahead, hope you'll enjoy its dull beauty through my eyes.

This trip has made me think so much and feel so much.

Our host, Sen, in Cairns is one of the most weird but interesting people I've met lol.
I think this place is full of rejuvenation and an escape from the city.
I don't know what will greet me when I get back in 2 weeks but I hope everything will fall into place again.
Always trust the process.

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