Thursday, 20 August 2015

y u need to dig shit up

Yesterday, my mum asked me (3 months late) whether I was ok after the break up.
"Ya ok", I answered.
Then she proceeded to ask me a few other too-personal questions that I always want to avoid.
I love my mum but she gotta let me be an adult now, I'm 21 mum.
She also asked if I still talk to him.
"lol no for what" was my reply.

I think my mum was just surprised at how cool I was about everything, given my not-so-cool history in dealing with things like this.
But it's all cool.
Honestly, life now has been treating me well (despite the occasional "I WANT TO GET MARRIED" whine, especially the other day with my tattoo artist).

And even though I have learnt so much and grown into someone different, I feel like I will never possess that same innocence again.
I'm not sure whether that is a good thing.
I kind of liked that naivety I had when I was with Bregy, it brought much more hope.
But at the same, I'm wiser now, and I guess I feel it's better than that ridiculous innocence (which does not work in the real world, come on people).

I also realise I've become more cynical, morbid and dark.
It pushes me over the edge sometimes and I kind of love it.

In other news, I just submitted my application for exchange in Semester 2.
And I know you must be thinking, dorothy why the fuck did you apply to Brisbane when your ex is there?
Well I don't give a fuck lol I wanna go there.
But in all seriousness, they have a College of Art and I feel like I will thoroughly enjoy it.
My 2nd choice being Sydney but let's see where the universe takes me.
I might not even end up going at all hahahahaha because that's how fickle I am.

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