Thursday, 17 September 2015

Feet, school & a lot of stress.

A shot from my shoot yesterday.
I am in the midst of a big lighting assignment, which explains why only one photo made it here on the blog.
The rest of the photos are still in their post processing phase and awaiting submission so I shall leave those until the assignment is over.

Very thankful that I am still alive despite having 4 hours of sleep the past 2 days.
I have probably spent more time in school than I do at home most days due to my workload and paperwork needed for exchange.
So glad I'm getting out of here next semester because the environment here is giving me tremendous stress.
Not that stress isn't good, but I can feel my soul slowly dying and my brain ageing at twice the speed.

The other thing that is killing my soul is the abundance of bullshit people around me do and say on a daily basis.
Being a shithead is unacceptable.
It is amazing how many people are so full of shit.
I'll be praying for yall.

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