Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Backlog halfway there

A few shots I took of Lina after she and Elson were done modelling for me a few weeks ago.
Time flies omg!!!
Going to edit Elson's portraits soon (I hope).
Am swarmed with too many things to think about/plan/complete.
This has been the most trying semester yet, and the most eventful second half of 2015.

Am badly missing my best friends (who are all overseas) and people who used to be in my life.
I think I get too sentimental sometimes.
The feels. The feels.
I wish I could turn off my emotions.
It stirs too much shit.

stir shit stir shit stir shit stir
shit ass shit ass shit ass shit

I went to the beach last Sunday to clear my head but I'm missing it already.
Sometimes things just fuck up, I know.
I am all for letting nature take its course.
But it seems like too many things have been fucking up this year.
Too many.

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