Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Intimacy ll

Again, this photo is from the Intimacy series for lighting class.
Clearing more photos.
Been so busy and SO EXHAUSTED recently, it's not funny anymore.
I literally have no time for anything except school work, school work and school work.
Tonight I carried 2 light stands, a hugeass filming tripod, my camera, 2 roto lights, and my bag home.
My shoulders were crying but my brain was saying YAS I GOT THIS SHIT.

So anyway, I doubt you want to read my rants because all I want to do is RANT.
And complain about life and how depressed I am.
But deep down inside, I'm very happy to be doing what I love and continue to work my craft.
I feel so so so blessed.
It is just frustrating a lot of the time because you may not reap what you sow.
All that hard work goes down the drain sometimes but that's all part of learning.
I can only count on the little things to keep me going.

In other news, my love life is fucked because I am emotionally constipated.

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