Friday, 20 November 2015

Lionel (Your Space Is My Space)

So I embarked on making a photo book this semester and completed submission today!
It is titled 'Your Space is My Space' and touches on personal space and the photographer-subject relationship.
The project initially started off as something different but eventually matured and evolved into a very subtle and calm piece of work that I am quite proud of.

Lionel and a few other friends were very kind to let me into their spaces to photograph them. Most of these photographs have been compiled into a book and I'm afraid this is the end of the project.
I would love to let some of these other ideas sit a little while more and go up a notch, maybe in some time to come because that kind of intimacy requires a whole new relationship with your subject.

For now the book is complete and in my prof's hands, can't wait to post the other photos up!

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