Monday, 21 December 2015

fuck yo abs

For anyone who has any interest in fitness at all.
She sends a very strong message circling the fitness culture that has been growing so much recently and how everyone in this fitness circle is trying so hard to achieve a 'perfect body' (think #fitness #strongisthenewskinny etc.)
Not everything you see online is what it seems.

I am by no means categorised as 'fit' but I'm into working out myself and to be honest, it is a struggle sometimes, being in and out of the gym, looking at these small girls doing their light cardio and weights and looking at my bigger frame squatting so much more than them.
I love it, don't get me wrong, and I love feeling strong, but sometimes it just fucks with your mind.
Like how come my body isn't like this? How come my waist isn't as small, how come her butt looks so perky even though it's small blablablablabla how come my tummy still so fat blablabla omg i need to get rid of this flab

I feel it has come to a point where a lot of people go into fitness just to look good and it becomes an obsession. Sometimes I struggle with this issue myself and I think we all need a reminder that happiness and health comes first, and not whether you look a certain way.

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