Friday, 12 February 2016


So I got to Brisbane this morning and proceeded to have the worst and best day I'll probably ever have here.
The landlady of my previous place was being a bitch (oh my god she did not even wash the bedsheets I FOUND HAIR) but thank heavens I found this other great place (but really expensive) and eventually I got money back from the landlady from fucking hell.
I had one meal the whole day because anxiety and rental woes.
Thank God the day is over and I now have a really cute and clean bed all to myself.

Agenda for tomorrow:

Don't think I have ever felt so lost and afraid my entire life when I was alone on the streets with all my luggage heading to a new place because the previous one was a shithole.
But am glad I eventually took it in stride and met a great uber driver, great accomodation and a fellow Singaporean!!!
It can only get better.

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