Friday, 29 April 2016


So if you are interested to know if I'm doing okay.

Have just been slumped with uni stuff and also keeping up with life down under.
It seems like time is passing all too fast and I really am not looking forward to going back to Singapore.
Not one bit.
I can't believe I'm already at the halfway mark.

I arrived in Brisbane alone, not knowing anyone and with completely no expectations.
Only in the short 2.5 months here, I have discovered more than I could have expected.
I have seen many wonderful places and met many wonderful people.
I have thoroughly felt and enjoyed the grace of this city.
Am I sounding a little emotional? Maybe it's because I'm listening to piano music right now. I'm in the middle of writing an essay haha.
But who would have thought I would grow so attached to this place and to want to call it my home.
I feel like I know this place already even though there is so much more to see.

I guess being here has also made me realise how fucking trivial my own problems are and how the world has so much more to offer.
A lot is weighing on my mind and I don't know if I'm going through a quarter life crisis (hey only 3 more years to being 25 geez).

The only thing I'm falling short on is taking photos here. I brought so much film with me!
But then again I have also started to take more pleasure in experiences rather than photographs.
I have began to appreciate moments more when I don't have to worry about making a good image and that itself is a very important lesson for me.
I have placed so much of my time in capturing moments in time and people I love when I could have invested myself in those experiences more.

Hopefully I'll be taking more photographs (outside of school assignments pfftt) and getting back to documenting my life more.

PS: this piano music is making me really miss playing the piano. But really, I have no time!!!!!! Well I'll try to make time I promise.

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